I just switched to a new phone company that uses Voice Over IP, why is my system not functioning properly?

Your fire alarm panel will not function properly with Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone lines.  Two, plain old telephone lines are required to be dedicated & connected to the fire alarm panel at all times, per fire code.  For more information on this technology, please click the attachment below to see additional details.

If you are interested in terminating both phone lines connected to your fire alarm panel, please contact our office to discuss other alternatives that your system may be qualified for.

How do I change my emergency contacts or billing information?

To change your emergency contacts, click on the "Forms" link on the top of this page and click on the Change of Emergency Contact / Billing form.  Please return to our office via fax or email.

Email: Office@FoothillFW.com

Fax (916) 774-9473

Why do I need a PassCode on my account?

A PassCode is our way of protecting you and your property.  By giving a PassCode, we are able to verify that the person calling to make changes to the account has the authority to make changes, put the system on test or cancel a dispatch of a false alarm.  You will need to know your PassCode when calling into the office or our monitoring center.

What is the PassCode to my account?

Your PassCode is always set to a default of your account number.  You can find your account number in the upper right hand corner of any invoice.  When the account was set up, there may have been an additional PassCode that was set up that is easier to remember.  To get this PassCode, you would want to contact the person within your company that set up your account.

My fire alarm panel says, "Low Batt." can I change the battery on my own?

We ask that you do not try and change the battery on your fire panel on your own.  There is a special type of battery that powers the fire alarm panel that we provide.  Our technicians will also verify that there is the proper amount of voltage in the battery as well as test the system after the replacement to ensure that the alarm is up and running properly.  Please call our office during normal business hours at (916) 774-9473 or after hours, (800) 497-0496 to schedule a service call.

How much does it cost to monitor my location?

We do have base prices, but every client is differentDepending on the type of communication used for monitoring as well as the size & location of your site will make a difference in pricing.  Please feel free to contact our office where they can find out more about your site & give you the most accurate pricing possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

I just took over a new property & I would like to set up monitoring.  What do I do from here?

You have found us, that is your first step.  You will now need to call our office at (916) 774-9473 Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm.  There they will take your information: name, number, site address, how many buildings & may ask you to take a few pictures of the existing equipment and send them via email to: Office@FoothillFW.com.  We will then advise our technicians  and they will schedule a date and time to visit your site for a free analysis and a proposal to follow the next business day.

What do I do when my fire alarm panel is beeping?

In any instance that your fire alarm panel is beeping, you will want to hit the "Silence" button on the fire alarm control panel.  If the system asks for a code, you will then want to push "1234."  This will quiet the system until someone is able to come out and service it.  Once you have silenced the panel, make note of what the panel says on the LED screen and call the monitoring center at (800) 497-0496 to request service.

Do you test fire sprinklers or fire extinguishers?

Unfortunately, we do not test or service fire sprinklers or fire extinguishers. We only complete the NFPA 72 Fire Alarm Testing both Annual and Semi-Annual.

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