- What's in a Name?

- Who do you call?

- Testing, Again???

- Making Things Easier for You!

- 2018 Rate Increase

- Smoke Detector "Trouble"

Attached is our 1st issue of our quarterly newsletter.  This is a new feature we are implementing here at Foothill Fire & Wire.  We hope that you find it informative.  Our goal is that all of our clients can better understand who we are as a company, what we do, and how your equipment works.

Please let us know if there are any topics you would like us to cover in a future newsletter.
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- Keeping it local

- NAC trouble?

- Know where to call

- What does your monthly monitoring rate   cover?

- 2018 Rate Increase

- Clearing alarm memory

- Refer a Friend Program

- Security Alarm Codes

- Fire Sprinklers - Be Proactive

​- Security Alarm Permits

- Testing Repairs Performed by Our Inspector

- New Alarm Tax Incentives!

- Still using phone lines?

- When to change batteries

​- OS&Y Supervisory Condition

- Limitations of Storage

Newsletter Issue:

- Alarm Deficiencies

- Updating Emergency Contacts

- Proprietary Systems

​- Importance of Keys

- Fire Extinguisher Needs

- Updated Email Address

24 Hour Monitoring Center

(800) 497-0496

Newsletter Contents:

- Fire Sprinklers & Extinguishers

- I reset my alarm panel, but why is it still beeping?

- Conducting a fire drill?

​- Duct smoke detector issues?

- Why work with a certified company?